Trailer: For The People, By The People from Ultra de la Rue on Vimeo.

Afaina de Jong
eD, uLTRA DE RUe, 2012

A visual story of the diy story

tumblr_m1zwwpabsX1qa2l2po1_500This is the century of city lovers. For the People, By the People: A visual story on the DIY City by Afaina de Jong is a visual story about how people influence change in the city. De Jong sheds a new light on what architecture and the city can be in the 21st century with a DIY attitude at the heart of the city making process. The main narrative of the book aims to create a consciousness about what movements can serve as a basis for sustainable urbanism rooted firmly in local communities. Through visual storytelling the book opens up the discourse on the future city to not only the professional city makers, but to everyone who is invested in their urban surroundings. The book is made up out of photographs that Afaina de Jong took between 2003 and 2010 in New York, London, Barçelona, Tokyo, Amsterdam, São Paulo and other cities. And explores current urban trends in urban culture&identity, grassroots activism, the demise of public space, urban poverty and city farming.